p2c Engineering, Professional 8x5 BlockiT Table Top Hot Foil Printing Made in the UK. Personalize iT on the 8x5 BlockiT.NEW!! WhatsApp Tec support UK 07904307407 Outside the Uk +44 7904 307407 How it works, If you have any start up issues send us a short whatsApp video and we will respond back ASAP!!!
p2c Engineering, Professional 8x5 BlockiT Table Top Hot Foil Printing Made in the UK.                          Personalize iT on the 8x5 BlockiT.NEW!!  WhatsApp Tec support UK 07904307407 Outside the Uk +44 7904 307407                   How it works, If you have any start up issues send us a short whatsApp video and we will respond back ASAP!!! 

Letterpress type

Please contact us for Brass or alloy letterpress type for font styles and point sizes available.


Slip case availble in all sizes

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Printing as always been a very lucrative business with low start up cost and with the potential of very high profits! As with all small business ventures there are risk involved so make the right decision buy right pay once, buy wrong pay twice! There are a lot of cheap machines on the market that are not fit for purpose and you get what you pay for!!

Always ask for a full Demo

In order to get a good clean print then you must achieve the follow 4 factors when printing


1/ Foils.

The foils we supple in our kit are a good general purpose foil suitable for most applications (don’t be tempted to buy cheap foils or second hand)


2/ Temperature control.

Good temperature control is needed as some jobs react deferent by adsorbing more heat, so consistent temperature is a must.


3/ Pressure

When printing you need good pressure control as this will give you consistency.

With our toggle action and pressure stop combined with the rear 4 pressure screw give you the control you need.     


4/ Dwell Timing

Dwell timing is between 1-3 seconds as this can very between print job.


Once you have achieved all the 4 factors above you will get good clean print.



Always make sure you are using the correct foil for the application

Always disguss this with your foil supplier before buying!

The foil we supply with our machine  are a geraral perpose foil and works well on most applictions but not all!


When printing onto leather you will need to use Brass engraved  or deep etched Magnesium printing dies!

You can also use brass letterpress type on lether and on some synthetic you can use alloy type

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