p2c Engineering, Professional 8x5 BlockiT Table Top Hot Foil Printing Made in the UK. Personalize iT on the 8x5 BlockiT.NEW!! WhatsApp Tec support UK 07904307407 Outside the Uk +44 7904 307407 How it works, If you have any start up issues send us a short whatsApp video and we will respond back ASAP!!!
p2c Engineering, Professional 8x5 BlockiT Table Top Hot Foil Printing Made in the UK.                          Personalize iT on the 8x5 BlockiT.NEW!!  WhatsApp Tec support UK 07904307407 Outside the Uk +44 7904 307407                   How it works, If you have any start up issues send us a short whatsApp video and we will respond back ASAP!!! 


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Hot Foil Printing Machines -

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8x5 BlockiT & Invitation Master hot foil printing machine

Made in the UK 220v 110v for the USA

Please Email us at info@p2c-eng.co.uk for our latest deals on 8x5 Blockit hot foil printing machine 220v or the Invitation master 110v


Please watch the demo video below

8x5 BlockiT Personaliser Hot foil printing machine

 has been designed for long and short print runs with auto fully adjustable foil pull with easy alignment of the print job.

You can personalise the following print jobs upto an A5 print area depending on the artwork :-

  • Prints onto luxury invitation card,
  • Prints onto luxury business cards,
  • Prints onto luxury plastic business cards,
  • Prints onto Luxury wedding invitation,
  • Blind embossing or foiling onto leather,
  • Cotton card and paper
  • Books
  • Diaries
  • Book markers
  • Pencil printing
  • Ribbon printing and many other printable items…

Put your customers design and logos on the above items plus much more using magnesium or brass printing dies or letterpress type using many different colour blocking foils, for more information please contact us.

Packages available for all your hot foil stamping needs

We Except PayPal Payments or Payment by Paypal Invoice, Secure CheckoutPaypal account needed, all major cards excepted

8x5_hot_foil_printing_machine_specHeavy duty 8"x5" slant bed hot foil printing machine, (desk top machine) Ideal for professional printers and the home market,

with loads of new features,

hot foil stamps/prints onto A5 card ,paper, leather,wood,plastic and much more.


Can handle most hot foil stamping jobs 

Demo and traning video download

Unlimited Tec support if needed 7 days a week for beginners



*UNVERSAL CHASE, for magnesium /brass printing dies and letterpress type.





A quick and easy way to set up 1/4" printing dies without the need to use die bonding tape! .


8x5 BlockIT Features

Print Area; 8″ X 5″.

Worktable sliding platen with registration markers, side rule with bottom lay bar; 12″ X10″.

Pressure; 1Ton.

Voltage; 110-120 VAC

Temperature Range between; 180° F – 350° F

Class 1 Appliance ;450 W (CE marked)

Impression Thickness; 1.25” thick (upto 1.45" by removing the sliding platen)

Machine Footprint;   23″ L X 13″ W X 17″ H

Weight 85 pounds;

Digital Temperature Control; 0° F – 400° F





*SET OF ALLEN KEYS, as standard.





Made in the UK

Hot foil printing machines for business professional and home user’s, Manual heavy duty desk top machines with toggle action for consistent pressure with automatic foil advance prints upto 10 impression a minute.

The 8x5 is a professional which is a good heavy duty machine. Ideal for printing onto Wedding stationery, luxury business cards, Leather Ipads, wallets, mobile phone cases, credit card wallets, i phone cases, glass cases, dart cases, book marker, key fobs, dart flights, pencils, pens, plastic business cads, Business cards, bus pass wallets, stock card, paper, ribbon, ribbon tails, rosette centres, beer mats, coaster, and cardboard gift boxes, flocked plastic, books, diaries, wooden plaques, wooden door plaques, wooden key fobs and much more as long as it is flat!! (except metal).Embossing, de-bossing and die cutting can also be done on the machines

Personalise iT on the 8x5 BlockiT

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